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    Certification and accreditation Institute of National Accreditation Commission (proposed)
    Federation of organic industry associations of all provinces and cities
    Nanjing National Organic Products Certification Center

    Shenzhen organic products industry association (chips)

    Organic associations of all provinces and cities in China

    Shenzhen Shinesway  Exhibition Communication Co., Ltd.

    Co organizer:
    Shenzhen citizen food promotion center

    Shenzhen International Ecological Organic Resource Center

    Support unit:
    National certification and Accreditation Commission (proposed)
    Organic food development center of the Ministry of environmental protection
    Shenzhen International Ecological Organic Resource Center

    Strategic cooperation media:

    Peasant daily.
    [Shenzhen International Centre for Eco organic resources]
    Is to promote the organic cultural mission, professional organizations to build and develop the organic market benign as the goal. The center of organic products and the best quality service at home and abroad, organic farms and professional services, supply chain and consumer groups, with the most professional and efficient mode of operation, and vigorously promote the organic industry the development of various enterprises.
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