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    Industry Background

    With the upgrade of consumption in domestic, the demand of high-quality, safe, biological, natural and healthy food for the consumers is stronger and stronger. Shenzhen, as the code city of the biggest bay area (Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area) in the world, has an unique location advantage than any other cities.

    Shenzhen International Natural & Organic Industry Expo (NOPE China) was founded in 2014. As its high specification products access at the begining of the establishment, Nope provided a large amount of high quality products for Shenzhen and South China, which made NOPE become an influential and professional expo in domestic. During a few years development, NOPE has gained the recognitions from local governments and become a professional business development platform for Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao greater bay areas Market.

    The participation of local governments and associations,such as HNAGRI (Hunan Agriculture government), HRBCB (Harbin Municipal Bureau of Commerce) and HLJAGS (Heilongjiang Province Association of Grain Sector), ect, especially HRBCB organized more than 120 representative enterprises to participate in the NOPE 2017, which has greatly pushed the promotion and channel construction of Heilongjiangs high-quality, green and organic products in Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area.

    The 9th Shenzhen International Natural & Organic Industry Expo 2019 will be held on May 2-4, 2019 in Shenzhen Exhibition Center. With the theme of Quality, Abundance and Fashion, this time, NOPE 2019 will focus on high-quality, Natural, Ecological, Organic foods, ingredients and supplies around the world. The aim is to build a top trading platform for high-end, natural, organic ingredients and products in Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area. During the exhibition, we will also have a number of high-end concurrent forum such as 'China Organic Industry Summit', 'Eco-Organic Production and Marketing Conference', 'China International Cross-Border E-Commerce and Organic Product Circulation Development Forum', etc.

    After a few years development, NOPE has not only offered professional service for thousands of enterprises in natural and organic field, but also has provided a best plaform for exhibitors on the promotion of brand image establishing, channel developing, customer maintaining, new product releasing in Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area.

    Position of Exhibition

    1. An one-stop trading platform for industry chain: More than 50000 people come from different industries to negotiate and purchase on site. (such as the Supermarket, Health Club, Chain Pharmacy, High-end Hotel, Distribution Channel, Micro-business and E-business, etc.)

    2. A best platform for customers relationship maintaining: We provide a special forum that you could invite industry experts to prove and promote for your companys power. You could also recommend your products to customers on Recommended & Tasting Area.

    3. A high-end health industry expo extended in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area: The bulk buyers and distribution agents who come from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia, are gathering together to negotiate business.

    4. A promotion and integration enhancement platform for new products & new brand: More than 10 millions times exposures from 200+ professional Online Media, 30 Mass Media, Health Magazines and different Wechat Subscriptions, etc.

    Scope of Exhibits

    1. Natural organic foods & Supplements: Dietary supplements, Gluten-free product, Natural organic foods and beverages, Sugar-free product, Vitamins supplements, Mineral supplements, etc.

    2. Beauty & Health Care: Beauty & Slimming Products, Body & Personal Care Products, Cosmetics & Skin Care, Essential Oils & Aromas, Natural Therapy;

    3. Vegetarian life and Products: Pure daily necessities, Gardening supplies, Vegetarian travel, Vegetarian & Nutrition Consultants, etc.

    4. Green home and life: Articles for babies, Green furniture, Environmental protection apparel, Environmental protection and Biodegradable products, Environmentally friendly cleaning products, Environmentally friendly daily necessities, Electric vehicles / Hybrid vehicles, Gardening supplies, Energy-saving household items, Packaging products, Pet supplies;

    5. Leisure: Eco-tourism, Camping and outdoor activities supplies, Handcrafted products, Leisure activities/ curriculum, Sports tourism, Medical tourism, etc.

    6. Sustainable economic development: Environmental certification, Environmental management, Quality testing, Socially responsible investment, etc.

    Industry Special Forum

    1.'The Status & Development Trend of Organic Agriculture between China and the World’s ’ Summit;

    2. The Brand Establishing & Marketing of Chinese Vegetarian Product Conference;
    3. 'A Lohas Life: Eating for Future' Summit;

    4. Innovative Products Launches and Procurement Docking Activity;

    5. Interactive Events: Such as Organic Kitchen, Organic foods DIY, Lohas Culture Experiencing, Organic tea communication meeting and so on.


    A series of special face to face procurement docking activities for the Micro-business, Retailers, Pharmacies, Health clubs, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwans related health product procurement Institutions and Enterprises.

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